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Kumquat Powder

Kumquat Powder

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The kumquat is a little citrus fruit with an oval form that is indigenous to China and Southeast Asia. The fruit's pulp is sour and juicy and resembles the pulp of a lemon or lime. It has a thin, sweet, and edible skin. Kumquats have a distinct flavor that combines sweetness and sourness. They have a bright, acidic flavor that is both revitalizing and energizing.

The aroma of kumquat is also uplifting and lemony, with a lively and zesty aroma reminiscent of an orange and lemon blend. The fruit's aroma is frequently utilized in aromatherapy since it is thought to have a relaxing and energizing effect on the body and mind.

We recommend to use this powder in cold applications such as coating for chocolate truffles, mixed in or garnished on a chocolate mousse, salad dressings to add a citrusy flavour, or as a garnish on top of a ceviche or carpaccio for an additional depth to the dishes.




Kumquat, Anti-caking agent (calcium carbonate)

Care information

Store in a cool and dry location. Once open, consume in 30 days.

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