Our Story

It dates back to 1959, when the Citroo family left for Africa as colonialists to plant cotton and rice followed by a history of over 30 years in the seafood trade and almost 2 decades in gold mining. In 2020 the family found refuge in their farm in the Minho Region in Portugal where they've started experimenting with exotic plants, where the finger limes have adapted to the soil and micro climate the valley provides.


Our Product Line

To ensure an annual supply on a global scale, we produce a variety of citrus fruits along with other fruits, in addition to a complete line of products with finger lime, with a fresh and persistent flavour in the air and on the palate, created in partnership with great chefs and renowned researchers.

We practice sustainable farming in our growing practices and harvesting practices as we use the fruit pulp, fruit peel, leaves and tree branches for our products.