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Finger Lime Powder

Finger Lime Powder

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Australia is the home of the distinctive citrus fruit known as the finger lime. Citrus australasica, which is its scientific name.

The fruit is tiny and oblong in shape, looking somewhat like a small cucumber or a finger. It normally has a diameter of 2.5cm-5cm and a length of 5cm-10cm. The finger lime's skin is paper-thin and fragile, and it comes in a variety of hues, including green, yellow, and pink.

The pulp of finger limes is what distinguishes them from other citrus fruits. Little juice vesicles that resemble caviar are seen when the fruit is cut open. These tiny, tasty vesicles, often known as "citrus pearls" or "lime caviar," explode in your tongue.




Finger Lime (microcitrus australasica)

Care information

Store in a cool and dry location. Once open, consume in 30 days.

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