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Finger Lime Infused Olive Oil

Finger Lime Infused Olive Oil

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Finger lime infused olive oil is a type of flavored olive oil made by infusing olive oil with the fruit of the finger lime tree. Finger limes, also known as caviar limes, are a type of citrus fruit native to Australia with small, bursting fruit segments that are often used as a garnish or added to drinks and dishes for a pop of flavor. When infused with olive oil, the finger lime fruit imparts a unique, tangy flavor to the oil that is perfect for use in a variety of dishes, including salads, marinades, and fresh cheeses. The oil can also be used as a finishing oil for tofu or seafood, or as a flavorful addition to dressings and sauces.




Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Finger Lime

Care information

Store in a cool and dry location. Once open, consume in 30 days.

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