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Buddha's Hand Leaf Powder

Buddha's Hand Leaf Powder

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The unusual citrus fruit known as Buddha's Hand is easily recognized by its striking shape. It resembles a hand or a claw because of its long, finger-like portions that extend from a central stem. The fruit has a vibrant yellow color and comes in a variety of sizes, some of which can grow up to 30cm long.

Buddha's Hand doesn't have any juicy pulp or flesh inside its parts, unlike many other citrus fruits. Rather, it is entirely composed of a dense, spongy pith that is easily separated from the fruit's skin. Although the pith has a little bitter flavor, it is not typically consumed on its own.


The leaf has a subtle refreshing sweet taste that pairs very well with fatty pastries, dressings, fish/tofu marinades or an addition to a light coconut stew.




Buddha's Hand Leaf

Care information

Store in a cool and dry location. Once open, consume in 30 days.

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